Hello! It’s been entirely too long since I last posted. Life went a little topsy turvy, as it tends to do, and I had to let some things drop for a little while, just to keep everything balanced. To be fully honest, things have been balanced for a little while now, but everything is also very different and since August, I no longer knew where to go with this blog. I’ll try and give a quick re-cap.

To begin with, I should have known that major life changes were headed our way. We were living in Cambridge/Boston, in an utterly gorgeous apartment, going out with friends to really nice restaurants, traveling around the NorthEast, essentially LIVING THE LIFE.  Everything felt REALLY cushy and glamorous and luxurious and – I could go on, but you get it.

Well, one day, and I can’t remember if it was over breakfast or after work, over coffee or after wine but, my incredible husband was in the kitchen and was trying to express this mysterious dissatisfaction that he couldn’t shake, and the only way he could express it was –

“There is just not enough struggle in my life.”

I mean really. Who even says things like that?! But I knew what he meant. I knew EXACTLY what he meant. We both follow the life philosophy that at least a little discomfort is required for growth, but at the time we were SO comfortable, that there was no growth. We were TOO comfortable. We couldn’t grow. In an odd way, our comfort made us uncomfortable.

How’s that for a paradox?

Afterwards, we had countless late night discussions and coffee-fueled, brain-storming sessions about what we needed and wanted in order to live our fullest life. We thought about giving it all up and joining the tiny house movement. We talked about how deeply we want to start a homestead one day, how we envision raising a family, how much we missed the faith community we had left. We realized, that all of the possible paths from our brainstorming sessions started with the same first step, Ryan leaving his job.

However, once we came to that conclusion I had this one line from Midnight in Paris constantly replaying in my head.

“Do you really want to give it all up just to struggle?”

We did. We very desperately did. We needed to go home. We needed to go back to the place where we’d met, grown closer to God, gotten married, and get our feet back under us. So we did. We left Boston, went to Ireland and Scotland (honeymoon) for a couple weeks, and then came back to Gainesville. Things were extra-ordinarily crazy for awhile, but they are getting calmer and calmer by the day.

We started this blog for two reasons. One, was as a mental exercise of sharing our ideals and faith with ‘the world’ (or just our moms. which ever happens to be reading). The other was an effort to continue conversation with the community that we’d left. Now that we’re back, for months I was no longer sure what or how to write. However, at least for the sake of the mental exercise and in the hope of creating a broader conversation, we’re continuing. We’ll keep posting about our adventures, our faith, and our thoughts.

Who knows, maybe it’ll add just the right amount of struggle 😉




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