Welcome to Flour and Fire, where we share our lives and ramble about our musings. We are Ryan and Sarah Nixon, newlyweds from Florida now living in Boston. We’re foodies, travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, music lovers, catholic converts, and all around goofballs.

We will be sharing this blog, telling you about our lives from two points of view and bragging about the many graces that come with married life. We feel like marriage is looked down on these days, and what better way to showcase the brilliance of marriage than to share it.

Don’t think, however, this blog will only be about roses and romance. There is so much more to marriage than that. This blog is about us, our lives, and the things that bring us closer to God. We want to share the things that bring us our greatest joys and the most growth and hope that you’ll want to adventure right along with us.