Beginning in Boston

The past month has been a whirlwind. Nearly a month ago today (as in just UNDER, which I think is an important distinction – you’ll see why), Ryan’s students had an end of year project showcase (which was absolutely incredible), a week later he graduated with his PhD (even more incredible), a week after that we got married (!!!), and six days after that we moved from Florida to Boston.

I’d apologize, but I love these too much not to throw one in

Like I said, it’s been a whirlwind, and all of it has been so amazing that I’m not sure which event to talk about first. I think I’ll start at the beginning, even though the beginning is at the end of that list. 

Our beginning is in Boston. Well, technically Cambridge which I’m told is a totally different animal but it’s in the Boston area so… our beginning is in Boston (any infuriated Bostonians/Cambridgians please forgive me).

Do these hats make us look like locals?

We’ve been here for a little over two weeks and feel like we’re starting to settle in. We’ve gone to two Red Sox games, found a picturesque café with croissants bigger than some infants, a restaurant with a live jazz band, a used bookstore that I could spend years in if someone let me, and our new parish church which is incredibly gorgeous. So far, Boston is incredible.

Fenway Park, Memorial Day Weekend 2017 – We may be fans for life

I’ve also learned some interesting things about myself. For starters while I’m a decent cook… eggs are tricky, tricky little jerks. For a very long time growing up, I flatly refused to eat breakfast and on the rare mornings that I did eat, it certainly wasn’t traditional breakfast food. On the flip-side, breakfast is Ryan’s favorite meal of the day. I’m taking solace in that even the Queen of Cooking messed up sometimes.